Border Regiment Medals +Memorial Plaques +ASC Medals Memorial Plaque same House

A find Group of Medals relating to the 1st World War worthy of further research.



A find group of medals etc from one house in the Carlisle (Cotehill) area in good condition and plenty of research to do as follows.
Lot 1 2 pairs + memorial plaque 1 pair to A Cpl T Hill 202627 Bord R on both medals on the other pair is Pte R Hill 242259 Bord R along with his Memorial Plaque Robert Hill , was in the 5th Battalion in original packet/envelope he was the son of Mre Sarah Hill from Cotehill near Carlisle Cumberland he die on the 10/8/18 and is in the Rosieres Cemetery Extention , also in the frame is a Royal West Kent Badge and a 5th Battalion Border Regt Badge.
Lot 2 is 1 pair WM + VM Plus a Memorial Plaque marked up too Pte Thomas Bulman No R.T.S-5385 ASC with a 9ct gold watch fob mark as followers Thomas Bulman on front on the reverse side is Cotehill for Services in the Great War 1914-1919.
Lot 3 !pair marked up too Pte F McMarran 202833 Bord R along with ID Bracelet with Pte F McMarron 4492 4th Border Regy .